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Premium Soils

We have soils to cover all needs, from contractor to homeowner. Use in vegetable gardens, for seeding, when laying sod and for replenishing depleted soils. We also carry a wide variety of Pefferlaw specialty soils in bags.

Top Soil

Our Screened Top Soil is a gardener's best friend. It's carefully sifted to remove any debris, offering a smooth and nutrient-rich foundation for your plants.
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Triple Mix

Triple Mix Soil is our versatile, all-in-one solution. It's a balanced blend of soil, compost, and peat moss, providing an ideal environment for a wide variety of plants.
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Pro Mix

Pro Mix Soil is a professional-grade option for serious gardeners. Enriched with added nutrients, it's designed to promote healthy growth and maximize yield.
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Soil Delivery in Hamilton, Burlington, St. Catharines & Beyond

Get the soil you need delivered hassle-free. Hamilton Builders' Supply provides express soil delivery services in Hamilton, Burlington and the surrounding area. From top soil to pro mix, we've got you covered. Simplify your landscaping projects with our convenient delivery service right to your doorstep.
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Soil FAQ

Why is choosing the right soil important for landscaping?

Selecting the appropriate soil type is critical as it provides the foundation for healthy plant growth. It ensures optimal conditions for plants to thrive, including proper drainage, nutrient content, and pH levels.

What is the role of topsoil in landscaping?

Topsoil serves as a natural foundation for establishing lawns, flower beds, and shrubs, enabling them to flourish and withstand environmental stressors. Using topsoil also enhances the visual appeal of landscapes and contributes to long-term landscape sustainability.

What are the benefits of using triple mix?

Triple mix soil offers a blend of topsoil, compost, and peat moss. This combination provides gardeners with several advantages, such as excellent drainage, optimal nutrient levels, and organic matter enrichment.