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Premium Firewood

When you need high-quality firewood that's going to perform the way you want, you can count on our team at Hamilton Builders’ Supply. We offer a variety of different firewood that will keep the fire burning and provide you with the best value for your money.


We have an abundance of bulk firewood available that's ready to be delivered, so you have what you need for campfires, cooking your food outdoors, or staying warm indoors.
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Our bagged firewood is seasoned to perfection to ensure you get the perfect burn each and every time. Ask about our delivery services and find out how we stand apart from the competition.
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Our premium kindling is ready for quick starts. Ignite campfires, cook outdoors, or warm your home with the help of Hamilton Builders' Supply. 
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Firewood Delivery & Stacking in
Hamilton, Burlington, St. Catharines & Surrounding Area

If you'd like to have your firewood delivered right to your doorstep, you can count on us at Hamilton Builders’ Supply to get there on time, every time. We deliver throughout the Hamilton and Burlington area with available packaging that includes Face Cord (32 cu.ft.), Half Cord (16 cu.ft.), and Trunk Load (6 cu.ft.).

Additionally, we offer firewood stacking services upon delivery. Now that's unbeatable convenience!
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Order Your Firewood 
at Hamilton Builders' Supply Today

Don't wait too long to get the firewood you need. It's always best to be stocked up and ready for any situation, and we're always here to meet your needs. Contact our team today to place your order, and we'll take care of the rest.
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Firewood FAQ

What is seasoned firewood?

Seasoned firewood refers to firewood that has gone through a process of drying to reduce its moisture content. When firewood is seasoned properly, it burns more efficiently, producing more heat and less smoke. Proper seasoning is usually achieved by storing firewood in a dry, well-ventilated area over a period of several months.

How can I tell if my firewood is properly seasoned?

Generally speaking, well-seasoned firewood will be lighter than wood that hasn't been seasoned. It may also have cracks or splits at the ends and will make a hollow sound when two pieces are struck together. Properly seasoned firewood should have a moisture content of around 20% or less.

What’s the best way to store my firewood?

When you get your firewood home, it should be stored off the ground and under a cover or shelter in a well-ventilated area to help prevent moisture buildup. If you can stack the wood in a crisscross pattern, it will allow for air circulation that will keep the wood in good condition for burning.