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Top-Quality Lumber Products

From plywood to premium decking materials, Hamilton Builder's Supply is your one-stop shop for high-quality lumber products. Visit your local Hamilton Builders’ Supply today to see what we have in stock.


Hamilton Builders’ Supply has an incredible selection of high-quality bulk lumber available. Find exactly what you need for any home-building project.
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We supply an abundance of durable, pressure-treated lumber for any project, including decks, fence posts, renovations and more.
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We only carry the highest quality plywood sheets manufactured from a selection of pressure-treated lumber, regular plywood and spruce. Always fully stocked and ready for your current project.
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Lumber Delivery in
Hamilton, Burlington, St. Catharines & Surrounding Area

Get lumber delivered to your doorstep with Hamilton Builders' Supply. We distribute all across Hamilton, Burlington, and the neighbouring area. From our full-service lumber yard, we offer a wide range of wood materials to suit your project needs.
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Buy Lumber at Hamilton Builders' Supply Today

Ready to kick-start your home construction project? As one of the top lumber suppliers in the area, Hamilton Builders' Supply is prepared to meet your every need. Contact our team today and get started building your backyard projects.
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Lumber FAQ

What are the different grades of lumber?

Lumber grades refer to the quality and appearance of the wood.

  1. Select Structural Lumber: The highest grade of lumber which has little to no defects and is used for fine woodworking and interiors
  2. Construction & Standard Grade Lumber: These grades allow for some defects and may be used in light structural and framing applications.
  3. Utility Grade: This lumber has the most defects and is often used for less visible or non-structural uses.

What grade of lumber are fence posts?

Fence posts typically use lumber from the construction and standard grades. This is because these grades are sturdy enough for structural use while being cost-effective.

What can plywood be used for?

Plywood can be used in construction for outdoor structures, sheathing walls, roofs, floors, in making furniture, or for decorative panelling.