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Top-Quality Stone

We offer a large selection of natural stones such as armour stone, flagstone, limestone and more. Improve your current landscape with natural stone to create a complete, inviting appearance.

Armour Stone

Armour Stone is a durable natural stone, ideal for sturdy retaining walls and aesthetically-pleasing landscape accents.
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Flagstone is a uniquely shaped and coloured stone that will last for centuries. It's perfect for creating custom outdoor designs like walkways and patios.
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Limestone Slabs

In addition to our other quarried stones, we offer various limestone products. Limestone slabs feature a smooth texture, making them a top choice for countertops, retaining walls and outdoor paving.
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Stone Delivery in Hamilton, Burlington, St. Catharines & Beyond

Get the stones you need without any fuss. Hamilton Builders' Supply offers express natural stone delivery services in Hamilton, Burlington, and the surrounding regions. From armour stone to flagstone, we have all your hardscaping needs covered.

Skip out on hauling heavy loads of stone. Enjoy our doorstep delivery services and free up valuable time for your day.
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Buy Natural Stone Today

As a trusted natural stone supplier, we're dedicated to providing high-quality, quarried stones to our community. Our diverse range caters to all your landscaping needs, ensuring you get the perfect stone to enhance your outdoor space. Start your project with confidence and convenience—choose Hamilton Builders' Supply today.
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Natural Stone FAQ

How long do natural stones last?

Depending on the type of stone and its application, it can last hundreds or even thousands of years. Proper maintenance can extend their lifespan, making them a timeless addition to any landscape or construction project.

Do you need to seal natural stone?

Yes, sealing is generally recommended for most natural stones, especially those used in high-traffic areas. Sealing helps protect the stone from staining, erosion, and weather damage.

What is the best base for natural stone?

The best base for stones often depends on their type, size and arrangement. Generally, for outdoor paving, a base layer of compacted gravel topped with a layer of sand is usually recommended. This provides stability, aids drainage, and helps prevent uneven settling and cracking.