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Product Spotlight: Quality Hardwoods for Cozy Indoor Fireplaces 

Published November 15, 2023 by Hamilton Builders' Supply
Living Room With Wood Burning Fireplace - Product Spotlight: Quality Hardwoods for Cozy Indoor Fireplaces

When it comes to choosing firewood for your home, the quality and type of wood can significantly impact your experience. In this post, we'll explore the different types of hardwoods ideal for indoor fireplaces, and what makes for high-quality firewood. 

The Best Hardwoods for Clean Burning and Warmth 

Choosing the right type of firewood is crucial for a good burn. Hardwoods like maple and ash are popular choices due to their high density and efficiency. These woods burn longer and hotter and produce less smoke, making them ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Alongside these, woods like cherry, beech, oak, hickory, and birch also offer unique burning qualities, like pleasant aromas and long-lasting coals. 

Quality Metrics of Firewood: What to Look For 

The quality of firewood is determined by several factors, the most important being seasoning and energy output. Well-seasoned firewood, typically dried for at least a year, ensures a cleaner and more efficient burn.  

The energy output, measured in BTUs, indicates the heat value of the wood. On average, a good quality hardwood like those mentioned can have around 6,000,000 BTUs per face cord, offering excellent heat and efficiency. 

Find Your Perfect Firewood Match 

Ready to experience the warmth and quality of premium hardwoods? Hamilton Builders' Supply offers an excellent selection of maple, ash, cherry, beech, oak, hickory, and birch firewood – all seasoned to perfection and ready to enhance your fireplace or outdoor experience. Visit us to find the ideal hardwood for your needs and enjoy the perfect fire this winter.  

For more information on our range of quality firewood or for expert advice on selecting the right type for your needs, visit Hamilton Builders' Supply today!