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Can De-Icers Damage Your Driveway? How to Minimize Risks with Rock Salt  

Published March 11, 2024 by Hamilton Builders' Supply
Ice Melter On Ground - Can De-Icers Damage Your Driveway? How to Minimize Risks with Rock Salt  

Winter brings the inevitable challenge of dealing with ice on driveways, sidewalks, and cars. While ice melters, like rock salt, offer an effective solution to this slippery problem, their use is not without consequences. Understanding how to minimize the risks associated with de-icers can protect your property and the environment. 

Protecting Your Driveway 

Concrete driveways suffer the most from de-icer application, especially when products containing salt are used excessively. Salt accelerates the freeze-thaw cycle, leading to cracks and pitting over time. To avoid such damage, opt for less corrosive materials like ProMelt™ or use traditional salts sparingly. Mixing de-icers with sand not only reduces the amount of chemical needed but also adds traction to prevent slips. 

Safeguarding the Landscape 

The chemical runoff from de-iced surfaces can wreak havoc on your garden and the local ecosystem. Choose products with lower chloride content to mitigate this risk. Physical removal of ice, supplemented by sand for improved traction, can significantly reduce the need for chemical de-icers, further protecting your landscape. 

Keeping Your Car Safe 

Vehicles are not immune to the corrosive effects of de-icers. Chemical residues can damage the paint and finishes if not promptly cleaned off. Regular washing during the winter months is essential to remove any de-icer residue. Opting for safer de-icing products for your driveway can also reduce the risk of vehicle damage from chemical exposure. 

Mitigating Risks: Summary 

  1. Choose Wisely: Opt for less corrosive and eco-friendly de-icers whenever possible. 
  1. Use Sparingly: Regardless of the de-icer type, use the minimum amount necessary to achieve ice melting. Overapplication increases the risk of damage and environmental impact. 
  1. Regular Cleaning: For vehicles, frequent washing can prevent long-term damage from de-icer chemicals. 

Find Your Winter Supplies at HBS! 

While de-icers play a crucial role in winter safety, their selection and application should be approached with care to minimize potential harm to driveways, landscapes, and vehicles. At Hamilton Builders, we understand the importance of using de-icers responsibly. That's why we offer a range of eco-friendly and less corrosive de-icing products designed to minimize harm to your property and the environment. Contact us today to learn more, or visit us in-store to chat with one of our team members!