ROMPOX® Jointing Sand

ROMPOX® – JOINTING SAND NP is a jointing sand for water permeable joints, which prevents weed growth and is made mainly of natural raw materials.


ROMPOX® – DRAIN is a highly water permeable 2-component epoxy resin based pavement jointing mortar. This is our classic since day one.


Our soils cover all needs from corporate to homeowner. Use cases include vegetable gardens, for seeding, sod and replenishing depleted soils. We also carry a wide variety of Pefferlaw specialty soils in bags.

ROMPOX® Jointing Mortar

ROMEX’ proven 2-component pavement jointing mortar ROMPOX® – D1 is a real all-rounder. Thanks to its strong pouring capacity, it can be used for joint widths from 3 mm | 1 ⁄8“.

ROMPOX® Profi-Deko

Your gravel has rolled out. Loose stones on paths or lawns does not have to be. With ROMPOX® -PROFI-DEKO, grit and gravel can be bonded together to create a sure-footed, visually appealing surface.

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