ROMPOX® Jointing Sand

ROMPOX® – JOINTING SAND NP is a jointing sand for water permeable joints, which prevents weed growth and is made mainly of natural raw materials.

jointing sand
pavement jointing


ROMPOX® – DRAIN is a highly water permeable 2-component epoxy resin based pavement jointing mortar. This is our classic since day one.


EASY is a mixed and ready to use 1-component pavement jointing mortar. After application it hardens/cures with air/oxygen and thus comes vacuum packed.

pavement motar
pavement jointing

ROMPOX® Jointing Mortar

ROMEX’ proven 2-component pavement jointing mortar ROMPOX® – D1 is a real all-rounder. Thanks to its strong pouring capacity, it can be used for joint widths from 3 mm | 1 ⁄8“.

ROMPOX® Profi-Deko

Your gravel has rolled out. Loose stones on paths or lawns does not have to be. With ROMPOX® -PROFI-DEKO, grit and gravel can be bonded together to create a sure-footed, visually appealing surface.

gravel bonding agent
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