We carry a variety of grouts for an assortment of jobs. Including: high strength mounting, vibration dampening, anchoring, tiling, flooring, resin, and more.

Repair Products

Repair materials for fixing concrete cracks, crevices and damage in outdoor / external concrete slabs, steps, ramps, pads, driveways, pavements and most other concrete floors and structures.

Expansion Joint

Expansion joints for slabs and concrete which allow independent movement between adjoining structural members, minimizing cracking when such movements are restrained.

Stamped Concrete

Textured and embossed stamped concrete to resemble brick, flagstone, stone, wood, tile and various other patterns and textures. Stamped concrete is commonly used for patios, sidewalks, driveways, pool decks, and interior flooring.


Surface sealers for external and internal concrete and natural stone areas to seal the surface. Hamilton Builders’ Supply carries a variety of penetrating and filming sealers.


Epoxy primers and sealers used for flooring as superior holding capacity or as acrylic resins. Our stocked brands of epoxy have extremely fast cure times and the ability to be used in sub-zero conditions.

Control Joints & Silicones

From control joints to windows, Hamilton Builders’ Supply carries the
products you need in a variety of colours.

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